Company Profile: Positronic

Positronic, a private manufacturing company, produces electrical connectors used in the military, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and industrial industries. Located in Springfield, Missouri, Positronic has worldwide distribution and plants located in five additional countries.


Positronic manufactures a wide variety of products. Some products are distributed through, an ecommerce site. Larger orders are typically handled between engineers and company representatives over the phone after careful review of the main website at, however. The products feature high reliability and quality, making them desirable across multiple industries. In addition to offering its standard line of products, Positronic can also modify and create products to meet the specific needs and applications of individual customers.


Positronic founder Jack Gentry had the right mix of experience and training to build a successful company. Gentry was a metallurgical engineer and had served as an officer in the United States Marines. Gentry founded the company in October of 1966, and the initial business focused on supplying the aerospace industry with electrical connectors.

As the company grew, it expanded both geographically and in terms of the products it offered. Plants were created in Singapore, Puerto Rico, China, France, and India. Positronic began to create products for additional industries, including the military, medical, and test equipment industries.

With Positronic’s success, the company created an apprenticeship program. The program allowed high school students to gain training and experience, facilitating the transition from school to work. Beginning in 1993, Positronic provided graduates of the apprenticeship program with employment and even financial support for further college training.

Products Offered

Positronic currently manufactures a wide variety of products, and is responsible for introducing new connectors to the electronics industry. Products are manufactured from start to finish in the Positronic factories, allowing for superior quality control and customization options.

Notable products manufactured by Positronic include power connectors, military connectors, hermetic connectors, modular connectors, circular and rectangular connectors, fiber optic connectors, connectors with thermocouple contact options, and D-subminiature accessories, adapters, and ports.

Positronic’s website offers the user-friendly Part Genie, an inventory search tool designed to help engineers find the part that is just right for their project. Additionally, Positronic offers 2D and 3D files available for immediate download to provide detailed information on product design and functionality.

Notable Achievements

Positronic has received recognition and multiple awards for its excellent performance. The company received the ISO 9000 standard in 1993, and earned the Gold Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Compliance Award in 2000. Latter awards include the 2008 Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Manufacturer of the Year Award.

Company Profile: IsoNova

Springfield, Missouri is home to a unique venture which pet owners will want to know about. IsoNova partners the knowledge of egg protein authorities at Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc., with premium raw materials from American Dehydrated Foods to create a top-quality pet food.

Understanding IsoNova

The egg is the basis of all of the IsoNova products. Eggs are powerful health foods, often referred to as a “miracle food.” Why? Because eggs provide immune support, excellent nutrition, and anti-microbial properties. Your pet can benefit from all of these egg functions.

Eggs feature additional qualities which make them a great choice for use in pet foods. Eggs help with emulsification, a process in which they break down large pieces of fat into smaller particles. They are excellent for binding and whipping, processes which are also advantageous when creating pet food.

IsoNova was created with the vision of “isolating the eggs into high-quality ingredients designed for specific pet-food applications, including function, nutrition, and health.” This approach is supported by the scientific contributions of Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc. By using premium raw foods and relying on science, IsoNova creates top-quality pet food with your pet’s health as the #1 priority.

IsoNova Products

IsoNova products include animal health products, functional, and nutritional products, so that you can put the benefits of eggs to work for your pet.

The animal health products utilize the egg’s immunity-boosting properties. Through an innovative process, IsoNova is able to extract and purify proteins from eggs, incorporating them into pet foods for added benefits.

The functional products are a holistic line which can be used to enhance your pet foods. Products like an egg-based binding agent to make pet food more palatable and appealing allow you to incorporate the functional benefits of eggs into your pet’s diet in a practical and healthy way.

Lastly, the nutritional products allow you to get the exact nutritional content that you want from eggs. Nutritional products are available in a wide variety and range from a highly concentrated protein to an option with the same protein and fatty acid content offered by a whole egg. You can choose a nutritional product based on protein, fat, and ash – you can truly customize your egg.

The benefits of eggs are hard to ignore, and they are a great way to provide your pet with the protein that he or she needs. IsoNova has taken pet food creation one step further with its science and research-based collaborative approach. The top-quality foods produced by IsoNova allow you to truly take your pet’s nutrition into your own hands. You can learn more by visiting their website at

Company Profile – Environmental Works

Springfield, Missouri is home to Environmental Works, Inc., an environmental consulting and contracting firm known for its expertise and above and beyond client service. In addition to the Springfield office, Environmental Works, Inc. offices are also located in Kansas City; St. Louis; Jefferson City, MO; and Bentonville, AR. The company’s service area spans the entire country, evidence of the company’s success and excellent reputation.


Environmental Works, Inc. was founded in September of 1992 by Robin Melton and Deborah Paulsen. The company started in a small two-room Springfield office, and the two owners handled the entirety of the workload on their own. Bass Pro Shops became their first client, and the company began to grow.

Today the company has over 85 employees and four different locations. That client list has expanded from one to many, and Robin Melton assumed sole ownership of the company in 1995. Ms. Melton passed away in 2012, and five employees purchased Environmental Works, Inc. in 2013. Two offices have been opened since the 2013 purchase, and the business continues to expand today.

Services Offered

Owning a business today can be difficult. You need to environmental compliance or you might face lost productivity and significant fines. Additionally, you will want to protect the time and financial investments that you’ve put into your business. Your environment and your business need to coexist, and Environmental Works, Inc. provides services to ensure that your business can function smoothly.

Environmental Works, Inc. offers a wide variety of environmental consulting and field services. Just a few of the all-encompassing services provided are tank services (including installation and removal), environmental due diligence for real estate transactions, environmental management, field services and management (including emergency service), and environmental remediation services. These varied services ensure that Environmental Works, Inc. can meet your needs when it comes to environmental contracting projects for your business.


Environmental Works, Inc. has a varied clientele. Clients range from government organizations to real estate developers, manufacturing companies, petroleum companies, and more, and encompass a variety of sizes from the family owned business to the Fortune 500 company. Clients of note include ExxonMobil, Explorer Pipeline, Bass Pro Shops, Union Pacific Railroad Co., BNSF Railway, and NorthStar Battery, among others.

Environmental Works, Inc. employs experts to deliver top-quality environmental consulting and contracting services. From planning and problem solving to implementation and results, this company serves as a one-stop resource for business environmental needs.