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2014 almond pollination is a blur for almond growers.

Almond growers putting the brakes on the skyrocketing cost of next year bee pollination fees if they can find someone willing to take them.


Oakdale, Calif.,—April 18, 2013—Central Valley almond growers attempt to cap the cost of honey bees. On Friday morning, a longtime almond grower of Stanislaus County made an attempt to get his bees early.

You’ve been looking for bees already? “…Yes, I’d like to setup bees for my almond ranch for next year,” the farmer said. “I don’t want the price to go up or the bees run out before I get some. I have 192 acres and I don't know what's gonna happen. I only need 350 hives, but in February that can be a gamble.”

There seems to be a trend happening in 2013 as one beekeeper pointed out. Terry Woodbridge owner of the California based Pollination Company Woodbridge Bee said. “I’ve never had so many April calls regarding the next season’s bee rentals. Sure deposits in June and gift baskets thanking us for service are common, but these calls are all business. If almond growers start racing to be first in line, bee contracting will be done by July.”

Many pollination suppliers are reluctant to sign new growers. Bee Industry has faced hard times and some experts say there is no horizon as of yet.


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Woodbridge Bee’s dedication to raising honey bees goes back more than 200 years. Woodbridge Bee is a prominent pollination company in California, supplying consistent service to almond growers in Stanislaus County and San Joaquin County.


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